Updated on June 8, 2024

Live Casino

The excitement of the live casino experience – straight to your home. The thrill of being at poker table, the blackjack table, the baccarat table…these can make for thrilling evenings. You know what’s even better? Being able to experience it from the comfort of your own couch. Come and join the fun. Live dealers are waiting!

Best Live Casino Games

With the complete range of Live Casino Games we now offer players an online live gaming experience that’s just like playing in a real casino. Even more breathtaking is the comprehensive number of available table games. You can now find your perfect seat on your ideal table. Experience the Live Casino Games as never before!

All your Favourite Casino Tables

Streamed in Real-Time

Multiple Camera Angles

Big Winnings

How does an Online Live Casino work?

Many people find it a lot more interesting to play against a real dealer, and not against the computer, because it seems that the human factor is still important for most players.

Live dealer casino games are usually streamed over the internet, allowing players to watch both the table and the dealer, and all the live action as it unfolds. The live casino dealer will behave in the same way as those you’ll find in a brick and mortar casino, and will, for example, ask you to place bets and make choices where necessary. You can do so via the interface where you can choose how much to bet and what kind of bets you want to play. Your choices will show up in front the croupier or dealer, who in turn can play his hands or spin the roulette, depending on the online casino live game you are playing. Traditionally, there will be plenty of cameras at each table and you’ll be able to follow the action through a variety of angles. For example, if you’re playing live poker or live blackjack you could also see scanned cards on your interface, and you’ll know which cards are already out on the table.

Certain live casinos online have special social features, such as being able to chat with other players, and in some cases, even with the live dealer. Live dealer roulette can be altered into exciting game shows, turning it into an amazing event.

You can only play using real money at live online casinos, which is normal considering that it is more costly to operate live casino games online. Live dealers, and other workers must be paid, and seats at the game table are limited – only people who pay get a chance to play.

Live Dealer Online Casino

Live casinos feature quite a few different tables, but only few can really be classified as the best live casino online games. Live dealer blackjack is one of these, where you can try to beat the dealer’s hand without going bust (ie, over 21) and since this is also considered to be the most popular table game worldwide, it is only natural to include blackjack in live casino.

High rollers and players with bigger budgets may prefer live baccarat, a relatively easy game to play which becomes even more authentic at a live dealer casino – maybe because superstitious gamblers may feel more at ease playing against a live dealer than a machine.

Live dealer roulette is really fun, especially for players who enjoy a social aspect to live online casino games. Some tables have no limit to the amount of seats available to players.

Let’s not forget the king of online live casino games, the iconic Texas Hold ’em. There’s a wide variety of live dealer games available to you at Spin Casino.

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